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When I first started this blog about the misadventures of a nascent author, I had only a small novel under my belt, titled Gibbin House. The building that bears the name is a fictitious postwar era safe-house, as many might have existed, and the London home of my motley crew of exiles. I could not anticipate then the degree to which I would join its ranks of writers and artists, but since publishing my book in 2011, I have had the greatest privilege of opening my own art gallery and of exploring my love of the written word through visual poetry and paper sculptures. Yet much like the girl who first started blogging two years ago, I suspect I don't know what I'm doing half the time. As such, Gibbin House remains a refuge for ramblings...and on occasion a haven for little triumphs.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

CTC Virtual Book Tour of Gibbin House: Thanks to All for the Great Reception!

A great measure of thanks all the participants in the CTC Virtual Book for "Gibbin House", their wonderful reviews and generosity in hosting my author guest posts:

Traveling with T - review and guest post
"...Gibbin House is so interesting, so heartfelt, so much so that I’m struggling with words...A book that will hang around in your thoughts after closing the book or clicking off the Kindle!..." 
Guest Post:
"Literary Influences: How Margaret Ball Changed My Life"
"I LOVE this guest post. Seriously it’s made of fantastic and dipped in awesome." - Traveling With T
What is That Book About - guest post
"On Malot, the Birth of Anka, and Paper Houses"
Life of a Female Bibliophile - review
"Perla is a great writer. She creates this world with a cast of characters that have varying personalities, and puts hard work into detailing the people and scenery. It makes the reader feel that the are living in Gibbin House as well. The settings were so realistic and I liked that Perla uses this poetic literary language that you usually only find in the traditional classics."
Library Educated - review
"...It seems like those books are kind of rare!"
Hobby Lady - excerpt
A Book Geek - excerpt
Not Drinking Coffee - excerpt
Moreover, an enormous thanks Ashley at Closed The Cover for her expertise and professionalism in organizing and conducting this virtual tour - she's the best!
More than 1,000 entries in the Giveaway!

Congratulations to Lori R. who is the Grand Prize winner of the CTC Virtual Book Tour  Giveaway, and to Dee and Rhonda for winning signed copies of Gibbin House!  Thanks to everyone for entering:))

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Ashley @ Closed the Cover said...

<3 you Carola and <3 Gibbin House! Thank you so much for letting us into your literary world.