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When I first started this blog about the misadventures of a nascent author, I had only a small novel under my belt, titled Gibbin House. The building that bears the name is a fictitious postwar era safe-house, as many might have existed, and the London home of my motley crew of exiles. I could not anticipate then the degree to which I would join its ranks of writers and artists, but since publishing my book in 2011, I have had the greatest privilege of opening my own art gallery and of exploring my love of the written word through visual poetry and paper sculptures. Yet much like the girl who first started blogging two years ago, I suspect I don't know what I'm doing half the time. As such, Gibbin House remains a refuge for ramblings...and on occasion a haven for little triumphs.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Four Points Contemporary: Latest Exhibition Selection

This past August, I had the honor of being selected to the Four Points Contemporary's 1st Annual All Media International Juried exhibition.  The online exhibition, which seeks to discover promising talent from among emerging international artists, runs now through September 30th, 2013.  Visit the link to see the complete exhibit: Four Points Contemporary Current Exhibitions .

The honor tops off an amazing summer of 'Little Victories', from Bronze in the Art Ascent Magazine "Emergence' Competition to 'Best in Show' at the Foundry Art Centre's 'Papercuts' exhibit, as well as selection in the Vargas Gallery's '2013 South Florida Group' Show and the American Art Jury's 'Gallery of Invited Artists' Salon, as well as a feature article in South Florida's Sun Post.  On the literature front, 'Gibbin House' has also had its little moment in the sun, with reviews, interviews and author spotlights, and giveaways.

In all, it's only been six months since I began an active push towards making my art more public, and the response goes to show what can come from some concentrated efforts.  As I begin 'Humboldt's' Riches' and the 'KONZEPTION' series, I foresee this forward trajectory slowing, being that writing and making art will once again consume my free time.  Let's see what the next six months bring...


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